Thursday, May 21, 2009

And Now Midville High's Choir Will Sing "Too Drunk To Fuck" In B-Minor

Fox tricked me and my fiancee Felicia into watching this new show called "Glee". We were expecting to see the finale of American Idol just to celebrate the fact it's finally over with and HOPE TO GOD it don't return next year (or at least return with me as a judge). Instead of a finale we get

I'll be honest and say I didn't see the whole thing. I left the room to work on my book a bit, then I heard a group of rejected Disney pop stars sing one of my favorite Journey songs ever. And I had to witness this for myself. I go into the living room and I see this:

I shall make some observations about said video clip:

1. If you never seen High School Musical, you just fucking did. This thing reminded me so much of it I thought I was gonna faint. I mean, they turned it into a TV show? On Fox? And tried to make it a comedy? The hell?

2. Way to go with all the typical stand-by's "Glee". Let's look at our checklist: Asian girl, check. Black girl who's no doubt sassy and/or comes from a broken home, check. Gay guy, check. Lead girl who is in love/is dating/use to date but wants to reconnect with lead guy, check. Lead guy who's probably only doing this to get laid, check.

3. HEY! An added bonus! You threw in a handicapped kid in the form of a guitar player in a wheelchair. Too bad you need the Asian girl to move him around all guitar player like. Surprised the keyboard player isn't in a coma.

4. What's up with the cheerleaders and that one chick from "40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Role Models" slowly coming down on some elevator/platform thing, looking all evilly? Oh wait, I seen "High School Musical" so allow me to make a guess. The cheerleaders are pissed off that this rag tag group of Journey fans are getting special treatment and/or are planning a show on the SAME EXACT day and the SAME EXACT time as one of their cheerleading events and/or football games and wants to bring them down. That or they're mad the wheelchair kid went with guitar playing instead of cheerleader catching.

5. And don't get me started on how they butchered the song. I mean, what as up with that weird chanting or whatever that "Da da da da da da da" was. And I can think of better duet's between a guy and a girl than "Don't Stop Believing". How about "I Got A Man" by Positive K. I would've much rather heard that.

I'll say one good thing about the show. At least they don't have high school students singing wildly inapproate songs about doing drugs and being proud of it, which was originally recorded by a boozed up coked out has-been.

Oh. Well shit.

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