Friday, May 15, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 19

Before I get to this week's releases, I gotta mention something quickly.

Last night I posted a thing saying I was nominated for a LAMMY and how I wanted you guys to vote for me if you felt I deserved it. This morning I was told my Senor Fletch that only members of the LAMB can vote for the LAMMYs. I wasn't aware of this so to anyone who's NOT a member who tried to vote, it won't count. Sorry but thanks for trying.

This probably knocks down my chances of winning a bit BUT I still have hope. I mean it's best theme. I think people like reading about b movies. Sure, Final Girl tackles horror movies and she's funny and the other people probably talk about GOOD movies, which can get boring at times...

Oh hell who am I kidding?

No no must be positive! I WILL win this! AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!!

So now that's done with-

This week we have "Angels and Demons", the follow up and/or prequel to "The Da Vinci Code". Will it be enough to knock off Star Trek? Who knows. There's also a limited release of The Brothers Bloom, with Adrian Brody and some film I never heard of until last night called Management, with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zhan. So yeah it's between Angels and Demons and Star Trek.

I'm gonna have to go with Star Trek again, but Angels and Demons will probably be number two. I imagine there's people (like me) who didn't see it opening weeking, knowing it'll be crowded with Trekkies and don't really wanna experience THAT smell.

Here's last week's top ten.

Oh and a quick book update: I'm almost done with the listing of them. I need 8 more, but I have to watch at least 9 so it's looking pretty good.


highway said...

once again i will try and pick the less-likely outcome to try and orchestrate a coup and pick "angels and demons" even though i think ST will probably actually get a second week on top. so A&D for me.

watch angels and demons suffer the Highway Curse and not even be in the top 10 now. :D

Fletch said...

I'm going Angels ans Demons, too.

And Jason...don't count yourself out just yet. I think you've got a decent shot at winning.

bobbie said...

Sorry, I think 'Star Trek' will hold it's own against 'Angels And Demons'. People who saw 'Da Vinci Code' and didn't like it (raises hand) won't go to it's sequel and those who did like it aren't enough to push it to the #1 spot.

Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement with Bobbie on this one. Opie Cunningham dropped the ball with the last one - what's to say he's not going to with this one??!


Rachael said...

I say Star Trek.

This is the weekend when the nerds see it again.