Friday, May 29, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 21

Man, I just don't know.

This week we have a Pixar film "Up" opening up. Normally that means it's gonna reign supreme for a billion weeks. BUT Night At The Museum 2 just opened up and that, too, is a mega blockbuster, for whatever reason. It's just all kinds of craziness.

Still, I think "Up" is gonna take it this week.

Also opening up this weekend is the Sam Rami-directed horror flick "Drag Me To Hell". It'll probably crack the top five but not be number 1.

Just a reminder, this is the final weekend of this month so Sunday I'll announce the winner of this month's prize, a copy of "Total Recall". From the looks at the scores, it could be anybody's game. I did forget to mention that if I somehow take the top spot, whoever comes in second gets the prize. Only makes sense.

Here's last weeks top ten:

Good luck!


Fletch said...

Up Up Up!

highway said...

up for me

Anonymous said...

Yep - I'm up for Up!


Rachael said...

Voting for Up.

I gotta be right this time...

Maria said...