Friday, May 22, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 20

Man, 20 weeks? Craziness.

This week, Terminator 4: Really, 4? FINALLY comes out after being bombarded with ads for it since 1982, which I know pre-dates the first movie but that's how long they been hyping this new movie.

We also got Night at the Museum 2: The First Was Popular For Some Reason. I shouldn't hate on it, though it's got an interesting cast. Just wish Ben Stiller would make more films like "Tropic Thunder". But I guess it's not that easy to make a fresh new movie that's similar to your previous one.

And finally, "Dance Flick" by the Wayan's. This could go either way since people are getting tired of spoof movies, at least done badly, but the previous "Movies" movies have reached number 1 at least one time. But I don't think they went up against Terminator, Star Trek, Tom Hanks, and X-Men, so I sorta have my doubts on this one.

I'll confess that I kinda wanna see Dance Flick, only cause I really don't like "Step Up", even though I'm told it's mainly a parody of "Save The Last Dance", which I haven't seen. But there has to be some Step Up reference in there somewhere. I doubt I'll see it this weekend though.

Anyway, my offical pick is gonna be Terminator. Even though Angels and Demons was number one last week, I haven't seen any ads for it anymore (granted I stopped watching TV, save for Glee, which really doesn't count) but since they been shoving this Terminator movie down our throats since for-fucking-ever, it should do good.

And a quick note: I saw "Star Trek" last week. Man, was it good. I loved it.

Remember there's a prize for this month's winner: A DVD copy of "Total Recall".

Here's last week's top ten:

Good luck!


highway said...

terminator, for sure.

Fletch said...

Me too. The wife and I already contributed our $21 to it.

Maria said...


Rachael said...


It'll be back.