Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Many Debbie Gibson Puns Can I Make?

I'm very surprised at Asylum Pictures Entertainment Inc. Co. Normally they make movies like "Transmorphers" or "Snakes On A Train" or simply "Monster". I was expecting their next releases to be something like "Cherubs vs Bezlebubs" or "Space Journey" or even "The Jones Brothers 2-D Live Concert Event".

But no. They threw us a curve ball and came up with something somewhat original. Of course I'm talking about MEGA SHARK vs GIANT OCTOPUS!!

Of course this makes me think this is Asylum's version of Shark Attack 3: Megalon or something but nope, this is an original movie. Well, not that it's that original to have giant monsters fighting but still. This movie has Lorenzo Lamas AND Deborah "Debbie" Gibson! And she actually says "Milla in Vanilla". This could be something great.

At least I have something to watch until "Next Week Ground" comes out.

PS: Here are the puns I thought of:
Electric Fin
Shark Your Love
Lost In Your Tentacles
Only In My Gills

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Wings said...

I am SO looking forward to this, too. Might be horribly bad, but it looks like complete fun!