Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 20 Results

You know I'm kinda stupid.

I totally didn't think about the juggernaut, bitch that is "Night At The Museum". I forgot that whenever it came out, it was in theaters for roughly 47 weeks. I forgot it did SOOO good it warrented a sequel. And lastly, I forgot that kids and tweens rule the box office. If I could go back to Friday and change my answer, I would've been labeled insane at first, then declared a genius.

But alas, we all were tricked. I think I know why not that many people went and saw Terminator. Because ever since they completed the movie, they been bombarding us with scenes from this movie. I think if you put all the trailers that came out for this movie together, you pretty much have the entire movie. I know that's why I didn't wanna see it.

Earlier today, me and the future Mrs went to go see "Dance Flick". While in line, there was a shitload of families there with a shitload of kids and they all went to see NATM2:FFTS (Calling it this will become popular in the future, trust me) and I thought to myself then "Y'know, I bet NATM2:FFTS will be number one instead of Terminator..."

Oh well, guess this proves you can't win them all.

This Week's Scores:
Me, Fletch, Highway, Maria, and Rachael M.: 9

Total This Month:
Fletch: 39
Me: 38
Highway, Maria: 29
April: 27
Rachael M.: 18
Bobbie: 9

As for Dance Flick, yes I quite enjoyed it. It didn't hit you over the head with pop culture references like the Epic/Disaster Movies did and didn't feature any unneeded Michael Jackson jokes (well there was sorta one involving a baby but it could be taken any way). They did a good job spoofing all the crappy dance movies like "Save the Last Dance", "You Got Served" and both Step Up's. They even threw in some minor ones like Little Miss Sunshine and even a Twilight parody. Yeah, it had nothing to do with the movie, but it was still funny. I thought anyway.

Next week we got the Sam Rami return to horror with "Drag Me To Hell" and some small animated film called Up by some independent-ok punchline here is it's a Pixar film.

OOOH!!! Pixar against NATM2:TFFS! Man, this is gonna be tough, yo.

They should battle! In the streets!

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