Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 19 Results

Call me stunned. And who says the underdogs don't ever have a chance? After picking a movie not even mentioned in the top ten, Highway says "don't call it a come back, I been here for years!" and gets 10 points. I guess those of us who picked Star Trek thought wrong.

So does this mean the era of the geek is slowly coming to an end? I mean NORMALLY, a film like Star Trek would stay on top for at LEAST three, four weeks tops. But now I dunno. Watchmen dropped like a ton of bricks after it's first week and now this. I tell you, my friends, this is gonna be an interesting summer.

This Week's Scores:
Fletch, Highway: 10
Me, April, Bobbie, Rachael M.: 9

This Month's Scores:
Fletch: 30
Me: 29
April: 27
Highway, Maria: 20
Bobbie, Rachael M.: 9

In case anyone forgot, there's a prize on the line: a copy of Total Recall. I just might have a prize for next month too. We'll see.

Next week is gonna be another nailbiter with the release of Terminator 4: Wait, James Cameron Had Nothing To Do With This One?, Night At The Museum: Was The First One Really THAT Popular?, and Dance Flick: Make Fun of "Step Up" Is Gonna Be Easy. Throw in Cherubs vs Bezelbubs AND Star Trek and I think it's enough to make your mind go ka-blooey.

And now, Play The Killer Shrews Off, Keyboard Cat:


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