Friday, May 08, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 18

"Star Trek" comes out this weekend, so it's fair to say it'll be in the top spot and it SHOULD be everyone's pick for this week. But I'm not forcing you to pick anything. Plus, to remind you, there is a prize up for grabs this month: A copied DVD of "Total Recall". So make that some sort of incentive if you must.

Another release this weekend is "Next Day Air", the black Guy Ritchie film with Mos Def, Mike Epps and...some other people. I'll probably see it, it looks interesting, but there's no way it's gonna make the top spot.

And I'm gonna go ahead and switch the comments back to anybody using them but I'll keep on the "type in the weird random letters thing" to continue the fight with spam.

With that said, here's last weeks top ten:

Thanks and good luck!


Fletch said...


highway234 said...

as we all know, i'm the man to beat at this game. this week my vote goes to "summer hours," starring the luminous juliette binoche ... because we all know folks come out in droves for contemplative etudes on the passage of time and the markings of material and spiritual loss.

just kidding. star trek will win.

Maria said...

Star Trek!

Anonymous said...

What kind of Madison Avenue Geniuses put Star Trek and Wolverine up against each other, albeit a mere week apart??!

As much as I would like to eat Hugh Jackman for breakfast, I'm going for Shatner and Spock.