Saturday, May 02, 2009

Book Update, Yo

I want to keep my readers (all 5 million of you) informed on how my book is coming along. I realized I kept a lot of details out, like what the book's called or about or how I, a simple movie dweeb (that's a word you don't hear too often anymore), talked to a publisher and they said "ok send in your manuscript". I've kept that out for a reason: I don't like to ruin surprises.

Which is odd, I know, since I put in spoilers for all the movies I review. But I can throw you a little bone here and there.

If you know anything about me, you probably have some idea on what it's about.

I'm just about half way done with the first draft. I already know I'm gonna have to go back and do major rewrites.

I came up with a better title than the one I sent to the publisher. I hope they like it.

Cause I changed the title, the overall theme of the book slightly changed, which I think will make writing it a lot easier now.

Again, I'm sorry about the last half of 30 Days of Horror. A lot of you (at least half of the 4 million readers I have) was digging it and looking forward to my review of "Twilight". Yes, I was gonna review Twilight. I got around to watching it so I probably will write about it sometime in the future.

Because my brain won't shut the hell up, I been thinking of stuff and ideas for my next one, if I were to get the chance to do a "next" one. I was thinking maybe fiction. Maybe.

Anyway, I wanna get the draft done before May is over, hopefully get is polished up in June and hope to have it published before Summer is over. I shall keep you all posted.

In the meantime, I'll plug my friend Bill's book. It's a book of poetry called "Stages of Love". I'm mentioned by name in it, that alone should be worth checking out. And since I have 4 million readers, if each one of you buy a copy, he'll be rich and can get a new car, since he was in a car accident on Tuesday.

Who says pity and sympathy don't work?


Reel Whore said...

Keep on, keepin' on! I always say I'm going to sit down and finish any one of my thousands of script ideas (I got a new one today no less), but I never follow through.

What's your secret? Having the publisher incentive? Indomitable willpower? Excess energy from sodas and twinkies?

I've been thinking of doing a script in progress post series on my site, but I am very protective and fearful. I thought having the masses lambast me for not progressing would help, who knows?

Nick said...

What the heck kind of publisher is it?

I'm a writer. I've written 6 books (almost finished the first draft of my 7th here soon). I've done extensive research on the publishing business. There really isn't much about it that's "easy". In fact, it's nearly impossible. Unless you're being self-published or taken in by a small house publisher, in which you have to do all the work and get a bad wrap in the industry for not going about it the "normal" (read: hard) way.

So for a publisher to agree to see your manuscript within no time of sending a request (your first request, at that), and knowing it's going to be published by the end of summer... that either sounds like self-publishing or a scam. Getting a book published alone can take a year or more after getting it accepted by the publisher. But even getting to that point can take months or years in and of itself.

Don't get me wrong... I'm happy to hear about this, but coming from a background in all this, it sounds awfully fishy.

Jason Soto said...

Nick, it's Publish America. I was a bit skeptic too but my friend Bill got his book published through them and it's pretty legit. They published him and now it's available all over the place.

If you look for "Stage of Love" by William Szany on Amazon, you'll see it.

And I just HOPE to have this published by the end of summer. I really don't know how long the whole thing is gonna take.

Nick said...

Ick! I was so hoping it wasn't Publish America. They are 'legit' and not a scam, but they aren't much better.

They have one of the worst wraps in the publishing business, and most bookstores refuse to house their books. The reason is because they're like the wikipedia of the publishing world. They accept anything and anybody, and they really don't treat their "clients" with the respect they would get normally, mostly because they're about a step above self-publishing, but a step below small house.

I only tell you this because I'd like to see you succeed... but if you want to have success as a writer, especially with this book, I'd stay pretty far away from Publish America. Hell, I'd do self-publishing before I'd touch PA.

Jason Soto said...

Hm, I'll keep that in consideration, Nick. I'll ask my friend Bill if he, or this guy he knows that also got published through them, been having any problems with them. In the meantime, I'll still keep at it. I dunno if I'll be able to find a "real" publisher anytime soon.

Thanks for the heads up, though.