Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Grocery Store Knows No Bounds

Again, I went into my grocery store, just wanting to pick up some apple juice and paper plates and I walk out with a mothafucking treasure!

As you may recall, I previously went into the SAME grocery store and found the hilariously titled "Zombie Death House". Just on title alone I had to purchase this. I haven't gotten around to it yet cause of the book, but today I saw another movie that I had no choice but to get.

I'm of course talking about "Silent Rage".

Hells yes.

And take a look at that tagline. Science fucked up so badly that only one man can stop them and it's Chuck Norris. It could be argued that Science possibly created Chuck Norris cause I refuse that any woman's womb can hold such a force. And they use his real name in the tagline too. Which is misleading cause he doesn't play himself in this movie, but by this point he should just play himself in movies.

"There's a bank hostage situation! Jean Claude Van Damme is inside crying! What should we do???"
"Call Chuck Norris."

Then it'll be just like that scene in "Hancock" when Hancock went into the bank to stop the robbers but only with Chuck Norris. Super powers and all.

I talk about "Silent Rage" in my book, and because I want people to get my book when it comes out (eventually), I won't go into any details on what this movie is about. If you seen it, then you know. You know. If you haven't, well, check out your local grocery store. You never know.

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