Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dancin' On The Poll

I was at work today and I thought "Hm. High School Musical 3 should be hitting DVD soon. It's a big popular thing where the advert of the DVD release will be pounded in my skull until I'm dead and roasting in hell, much like the theatrical release. I know! I'll go home, look up the date when it'll be released, then set up a poll asking people if I should review it, with the closing date the day it's released! Boy I'm clever!"

Needless to say I was in the bathroom for a long time at work today.

So I get home and do the research only to find...

It's been released already. In February. The fuck? Does ANYBODY remember hearing about it? I mean when it was being released in theaters, they put the damn ad's everywhere. Even during shows no typical fan of HSM would watch like "Lost" or "Debbie Does Dallas 4: This Time It's JAPAN!" So how come news of the DVD wasn't spread like wildfire on Vanessa Hudgen's crotch?


I still set up the poll but made it June 1st cause I plan on having the first draft of my book done by then. (God willing). Then maybe I can turn June into another "Jason Tackles Teeny-Bopper Movies" month or something. As you see on the poll to the right, the options are:

Yes, On The Site-Since I got the first two up there, might as well make the third there.

Yes, On The Blog-Only review here and that's it.

Yes, Make It A Mass Invasion-This is tricky. All the mass invaders are my friends. Making them watch this will probably make them want to kill me. But since they have the right to vote, they can decide if they wanna go this route or not.

NO NO NO NO NO!-Self explainitory.

And if you could, anyone who does vote leave a comment so I know who said what and why and stuff. If the number of votes don't equal the amount of the comments I get, I'm gonna come after you and make you watch ALL THREE MOVIES! IN A ROW! With no bathroom break. Cause there's stuff in the bathroom you can use to kill yourself.

Anyway. Thanks!


bobbie said...

Nothing would fill me with greater joy than to participate in your poll. However, I leave on my trip to the west coast May 21st and am swamped with work I need to finish before I fly.

Have fun!

Fletch said...

I voted Other.

To be honest, if it's about HSM (or 2 or 3 or 10), I'm probably not gonna read it anyhow, so it don't matter to me one way or the other.

highway said...

no no no no no no no no no.

review mega-shark vs. giant octopus. it's a matter of national security that you review that.

Anonymous said...


You know who this is.

Jason Soto said...

Jeez Fletch. I read all of YOUR reviews.


Reel Whore said...

My vote's for Yes, On the blog. Why? Because I a mean-spirited bastard in that regard to make you sit through it, Mwahahahaha!

Maybe I should do a HSM trilogy weekend, endure the pain with you? Nah!