Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 24

Before getting to this week's installment, I gotta mention something.

Last week I was talking to my friend Adam and he pointed out something to me. He said "Why should a blog/site about bad movies care about what movie becomes #1? Shouldn't you make it about which movie does the worst?" And I see his point. But the way I look at it is sometimes a bad movie will become #1 (Paul Blart, Hannah Montana/Jonas Brother) so it all somehow works out in the end. Besides I, has a person, like good movies as well, so why not take a peek in the window of goodness once in awhile?

With that out of the way, me and Fletch took a tumble last week by honestly thinking Eddie Murphy would be in the top spot. Stupid kids, make up your mind!! This week, we have "Year 1" and "The Proposal", along with a Larry David/Woody Allen film, but it probably won't crack the top ten so whatever.

I think I'll go with Year 1 on this cause it looks funny and I'm gonna go see it sometime this weekend. Plus the power of Jack Black AND Michael Cera. Yeah, fa sho.

Just a reminder, there is a prize this month, a copy of the best bad movie ever "The Room", which oddly enough now there's a Rifftrax available for it. Yeah, I'll be picking up this bad boy soon enough.

Here's last week's top ten:



Fletch said...

I was thinking Year One before, but I think that the buzz is so bad that it doesn't take it. So even though I haven't seen much advertising for The Proposal, I'm giving it my vote (though a big part of me thinks and wants to see Hangover hang on one more week).

Rachael said...

Going with The Proposal. I think every woman who went to the Hangover with her dude will be taken to The Proposal.

I AM SO SEXIST!!!!111111