Monday, June 15, 2009

No Go On Bo! Go-Go On Mo Movie Reviews!

In case you don't read Variety-ese (or Twitter-ese), I just said there won't be a book, at least for now. It was bought to my attention that the publisher I was gonna publish with might not be on the up and up. It's not 100% verified but I don't wanna take any chances. I worked too hard on what I wrote so far just to have it taken from me.

So what does this mean? More movie reviews! YAY!!!

I literally haven't even THOUGHT about doing a review the entire time I was working on the book, and for that I'm sorry. I promise new content for the rest of June. But what about July...

I'm proud to announce that I'm declaring July the month of CHUCK NORRIS!!!! That's it. Simply "CHUCK NORRIS!!!!", all capitals, and four exclamation marks. During the month of July I will take a look at everything Norris, from his early work with Bruce Lee to recent affair, to even episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger". But this is where YOU come in!

I could use some help. I know I asked for help during 30 Months of Horror 2 and only a few people offered, who I didn't even end up taking them up on cause I cancelled, but hopefully there'll be a bigger turn out for this cause, it's mothafucking CHUCK NORRIS!!!!

Do what Jason says or I'll rape your ear!!

You can do whatever you want, Norris related, but let me know what it is so I can keep track and make sure no one else does the same project. This won't be an every day thing like 30 Days of Horror was, cause that'd be too much CHUCK NORRIS!!!!

When it's closer to July, hopefully I'll have planned out what I'll be covering.

And finally, according to my latest poll, nobody thinks I should make a seperate blog for Date My Mom episodes so on the site they stay. Thanks all 2 people.


Nick said...

So did you talk to your friend (or friend of friend) about PA, then? Sorry to bring you down on that route, though. I've just had too many-a-discussion on PublishAmerica to let anybody fall into their grasp unknowingly.

Anywho... Chuck Norris. Interesting :P . If I did anything, I'd write something on his short but funny cameo in "Dodgeball." If for anything, because the line at the end ("Fuckin' Chuck Norris") is awesome. But I have no idea how I could write a whole post on that.

Reel Whore said...

I hope the publishing thing gets straightened out.

BTW, do you have plenty of Chuck Norris contributions? I might can find time in the next week to do a quick review of Invasion USA, or maybe I'll just do a flashback to CN's appearance on Conan O'Brien.

Jason Soto said...

Hey Reel Whore,
Actually I have only one other contributor and she's doing Walker Texas Ranger episodes. If you wanna do Invasion USA that'd be awesome, or any other Chuck Norris goodness.

Reel Whore said...

Invasion USA it is. It may be REALLY late in the month, but just give me a swift kick if need be. :-)