Sunday, June 07, 2009

House Cleaning=More Stuff??

I'm going through things on the site and decided to get rid of a few things. One thing is gonna be the Probes, since I now write any non-image reviews here on the blog, I don't see any point in having it anymore. So I'm gonna be transfering the Probe reviews from the site here to the blog all this week. I'm letting you guys know so you don't wonder where all this new content came from. And why it seems familar and possibly sucks.

And since my friend Mary sorta vanished, I'll be taking her two (or three) reviews off the site and putting them here as well.

As for the Date My Mom stuff, I thought about making a seperate blog just for that but I wanted to get everyone's opinion first so check out the poll off to the right and tell me your opinion.

Otherwise that's it. I'm changing the site's look, somewhat, AGAIN so stay tuned for that. Nothing major though.

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