Friday, June 26, 2009

The Fight For #...10? Week 25

"Transformers 2: Why Is Michael Bay Still A Dickhead?" came out on Wednesday and because teenagers and parents (no offense if you're either) are retarded, this movie earned roughly 800 trillion dollars in two days. There's no question that this is going to be the number 1 movie this weekend.

So what does that mean for us and this little game? Sure it'd be an easy 10 points to everyone, but this is the last weekend of June, the weekend where it all matters. It's put up or shut up. My way or the highway. You'll be my regular Saturday night thing. Win one for the Zipper!! AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!

What was I talking about? Oh yeah.

So this week I'm gonna do something different. I want you guys to predict which movie is gonna be at the #10 spot. And whoever guesses that correctly gets 10 points. And the point system will be the same but reverse. Whoever guesses the #9 spot gets 9 points and so on.

And remember a prize is up for grabs so good luck!

Also coming out this week is "My Sisters Keeper", something to keep all the women preoccupied while their manly men watch Michael Bay's boner for 2 hours.

My guess for #10 is gonna be Land of the Lost, since Transformers and My Sisters Keeper will be bumping two films off the top ten, most likely this will pull Land of the Lost to the last spot.

Here's last week's top ten:

Good luck!


Fletch said...

Star Trek.

It goes both ways, right? If a film comes in at 11, you get 9 points and so on, yes?

BTW - I like this idea. Reminds me of a fantasy baseball league I was in some years back where you tried to assemble the worst team. It was tough because you still needed people that played every day.

My verification word is "nonsuck." I'm going to take this as a good omen.

Jason Soto said...

Well, not exactly. Let's say Land of the Lost came in at #9 on Sunday, so I'll get 9 points. And so on up the list.

And I'm glad you like this idea. It may just make a comeback later on.

Fletch said...

I get the LOTL example, but shouldn't it look like this in terms of points awarded:

place - points
1 - 1
2 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 4
5 - 5
6 - 6
7 - 7
8 - 8
9 - 9
10 - 10
11 - 9
12 - 8
13 - 7
14 - 6
15 - 5

and so on?

Or are you saying anything 11th and below gets you a goose egg?

Anonymous said...

I'll be safe and go with Land Of The Lost. It can't possibly go higher, right?


Rachael said...

My vote is for Star Trek.

Sort of winging it this week. I WISH MYSELF LUCK!!!