Monday, June 01, 2009


Well ok. I guess the people have spoken. NOBODY (at least 4 of you) don't like my High School Musical reviews, which is funny since I happen to like the way the reviews came out on those. Granted, it slowly drove me crazy watching those two dumb ass films but I felt I was doing it for the greater good. To edumacate people on how bad this series is and how unnessesary the whole thing is. If I had to take one for the team and be the one to tell the people so be it.

Yeah, I know the ultimate choice is mine but I feel I do this not cause I enjoy doing it but for the people. Isn't it a big egotistical to write for a site or a blog ONLY for yourself and not care what other people think? That's not how I roll. Any readers I get, no matter how small that number is, I respect their decisions and thoughts and look at it as entertainment.

And I didn't vote in this poll either. All 12 votes were 12 other people who visited and left their opinion. The second place opinion is a tie between doing it on the site and doing it on the blog. I wanna know who the one person was who said we should do it as a mass invasion. I doubt it was any of the Mass Invaders. And Fletch was the 1 "other" comment who apparently doesn't read any of my stuff. Hmmph I say. (Kidding, Fletch, I know what you meant.)

So maybe I won't visit it any time soon (I got a book to finish) but I must admit I'm curious about "High School Musical 3". How bad is it in comparison to the other two? What is the plot, if there is one (Spoiler: no), about? Did Ashely Tisdale get any other plastic surgery for this role? I mean I already invested a lot of time in the other two. I might as well.

In the future. In time for High School Musical 8: Senior Citizens Can Be In High School, Right?

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