Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Somebody Paid Too Much For Their Muffler! And A Copy of "Jaws"!

A quick little story cause this was too interesting to keep to myself.

This past holiday weekend I went back to my home-part of state Northwest Indiana. On Sunday before we left my fiance Felicia wanted to hit up a mall that I guess she finds cool. There, I roamed into a F.Y.E. I dunno if those are nationwide chains or not but it's pretty much an overpriced music and movie store. I say overpriced cause they had seasons of "Arrested Development" for 24 bucks when I can get them for 19 at Target.

Anyway, I was looking through the movies and noticed Jaws for 5.98. I stopped and went "HUH?" and looked again. I thought it was one of the many sequels that aren't as good. But nope, it was the original Jaws. And it clearly said 5.98. So I did some investigating, wondering if maybe this is one of the million "Special Editions" that came out since the dawn of DVD's. The only thing I found was it said it was the 25th Anniversary.

Then I noticed the next copy of Jaws right behind it. It was the same exact DVD copy, but with a price tag of 10.99. I grabbed that one and read it. 25th Anniversary. Same exact cover, wording, everything. I looked all over for a used sticker and didn't find out. Now I was baffled.

Well I decided to get it to see if they do in fact charge me 5.98 for it. They almost have to, don't they? So up to the counter I went with my other purchase (Kentucky Fried Movie) and sho nuff, Jaws rang up as 5.98. I went wow and paid 15 bucks for two classic movies from an overpriced store.

Lesson learned: Keep looking at the other DVD's and maybe, just maybe, you'll find it cheaper in the same store.

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