Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Post=Betrayal!!

I know my whole schtick is to write about bad movies and try to be funny (Note the word "try") but I wanna mention two things, one isn't about movies and the other is about good or at least semi-decent movies.

1. There's apparently a shitload of TV shows that everyone says to me "ZOMG! You need to see right now, mothafucker!!!!!" while dodging hail of bullets cause I talk to people in war zones apparently. Somewhere during the "HOO-RAH!!!'s" I'm told I should watch the following shows:
The Shield
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
More Walker Episodes

The problem is most of these shows have a lot of seasons on their belts. I'm a busy guy. Making fun of movies about alien vaccum cleaners ain't gonna write themselves, y'know. So what's a dork to do? Well, I'm probably gonna just get the first disc of the first season of each show and check it out. If I can't get into it after that, then screw it. And don't try to tell me that a show really picks up in season 3, if I can't get into it after episode 4, then it's not worth my time. Sorry.

Of course, there are shows where I did watch the first season of but didn't pay any attention to the next seasons. (Veronica Mars, Boomtown) and that's only cause I'm mildly lazy.

So I'll report back on which shows I do find awesome and worth my time. In the meantime, here are some shows that I do watch that ZOMG YOU TOTALLY NEED TO SEE, MOTHAFUCKER!!!!:
It's Always Sunny in Philidelpha
Monk (It's about to start it's final season in August. Sad face.)
Penn and Teller: Bullshit! (Finally, the truth shall be heard...or something)

2. Last Friday I was over at Final Girl's place. No, nothing like THAT! We're just friends. Honestly. Anyway. Every friday, she posts posters relating to a theme. On Friday it was Roman Polanski films, which was pretty neat learning about other Polanski films other than Rosemary's Baby and the one where he supposedly got it on with a minor. Then I saw this poster:

And I was just like "Wow". Then it gave me an idea: what other pairing of movies could possibly top that? Like two movies that are so different from each other that watching them back to back would probably cause a black hole to form in your living room or movie watching space? I decided to find out. I asked my mass invaders to send me some movie titles and a few responded. (I think the ones that didn't are mad at me about something. You burn ONE cat...) I took those titles, paired them with movies in my movie collection and/or movies in my Netflix queue and during the month of August and possibly beyond, I shall watch them, two at a time, back to back, and see if anything can possibly top The Odd Couple/Rosemary's Baby. And of course, that'll be the first pairing, to see how well those two go together.

I probably won't write full reviews about both movies, just write about the experience and what I found. I will do regular bad movie reviews as well during this, so don't worry. I'll get to 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain soon. I promise.

Oh and here's a picture just for random sakes:


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Rachel said...

ZOMG! Add "True Blood" to that must-see list, mothafucka!