Wednesday, October 21, 2009


You're probably tired of me writing posts about me NOT doing posts but I'm gonna do another one anyway.

I didn't do a movie for the past two days for the following absolutely true reasons:
1. I actually had to work late Monday and didn't get home till 10, then I fell right asleep.
2. Yesterday after working I went Halloween Costume shopping and found nothing. It was then decided I should go what I went as last year cause it'd be easier and I don't think everyone got to see it anyway. Then we ate and I came home and...fell asleep.
3. I set up a camera to see why my fiancee was getting attacked by ghosts and I found foot steps leading into our bedroom. Upon investigating this, I found an old picture of her in our basement. After arguing for 45 minutes, my fiancee stood by my bed and stared at me.
4. I was training to run a marathon that's happening in May. I decided to start now to make sure I was in shape. Afterwards I ate a big spaghetti dinner.
5. I was asked to write an episode of "The Office" where it's revealed that Dwight is a b-movie fan and writes a blog about watching said b-movies but no one reads it. So Jim creates several fake accounts and leave comments like "Your gay" and "Get a life" and "Hey, you should join this group of other movie watching people". Dwight finds out and-well I won't reveal the ending. In a unrelated note, John Krasinski is looking for another job.
6. Guitar Hero.
7. My 12-year-old sister wanted to know the facts of life. Being the responsible big brother that I am I did the proper thing. Got all of the episodes from Netflix and spent the last 26 hours watching all of them, including the TV-movie where they go to France. I think she identified with Tootie the most.
8. I was going to review the movie "Hard Candy" cause I thought it was about a kid who tracks down pedophiles and kills them with sex or something. I come to find out it's about a pedophile who tracks down a teenager (maybe 16?) and she has to defend herself by killing him. I don't think this would count. Plus I rejected other movies where teenagers are evil. I'll probably make that next year's theme or something. But I haven't watched "Hard Candy" yet so I don't know if I was right or not. If anyone has seen it, can you let me know? Until then, I'm just gonna do the next movie on my list which will be posted later today.
9. I'm a lazy asshole.
10. And I also have OCD.

That's it.


Fletch said...

You obviously didn't watch Hard Candy, right? It's much closer to the first plot you described than the second.

No thoughts on my Joshua post?

Jason Soto said...

Yeah I'm gonna get to Joshua before the 31st. What I'll probably do is just post a link to your review since you posted it on your blog already.

And I didn't watch Hard Candy yet. I'll watch it in a bit and see if it'd count or not.

PS: When is the third LAMBcast going up? I'm anxious to hear it back to hear how much of a dumbass I probably sounded.