Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In The Cold November Rain

RN2HK is coming to an end (I swear the next three days will have reviews) but I'm already moving onto next month. Here's what I got planned:

1. I decided to sign up for NaNoWrMo or whatever it's called. Basically, you spend the entire month of November writing a novel. I came up with an idea I just hope I can put it down into words. I'll keep you posted about this.

2. I should be able to launch into a new regular review in the first week of November where I'll be taking on "I Was A Teenage Zombie" a movie I forgot to mention when I was talking about zombies with the LAMBcast gang. I'll admit that the reason I sound like an idiot and/or an asshole was because I was nervous. I never really talked to these guys before like with my voice, you know. And I already made an idiot of myself prior to recording cause the headset mic I used I just bought the day before so I didn't know how to use it and apparently they were hearing me munching on pizza while I was waiting for someone to say something. So yeah I was nervous and embarrassed. Which is why I sounded rambly. Hopefully the next LAMBcast (see #3) I'll know what the fuck I'm talking about.'
(PS: Will Smith was also in "Hitch".)

3. The next LAMBcast is happening soon and it's gonna be all about "The Room". At least if I turn into a rambling idiot I can just say I'm doing an impression of Tommy Wiseau.

4. I have a fun game planned for the month of November. And I'm gonna tell you about it now but you won't be able to participate until November 1st. Basically it's a Savanger Hunt/Trivia Questions regarding me, the website, the blog, and bad movies in general. I wrote out a list of 30 things to do and questions to answer and doing each task on that list earns you whatever set amount of points I assigned to each task. They range from super easy to really really difficult. Why should I do this, you're probably thinking? Cause there's a real prize! Worth money! The person with the highest points wins a $25 dollar gift card! Yay!! Just in time for the holidays! I'll post the offical rules and how to obtain the list on November 1st.

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Maria said...

$25 gift card?! To Best Buy!!!