Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Lair of the Unwanted #11: MST3K Appreciation Part 2: The Joel Years

We finished up our appreciation of all things Mystery Science Theater 3000 by talking about Joel Hodgeson, who played Joel Robinson for five seasons, on top of being the creator of the whole damn show! To help discuss all things Joel, frequent writer at Invasion of the B Movies Maria stops by to confess her love for Joel.

In one of the more action packed episodes, Jason announces that December is going to be Reader's Choice month at The Site and having the readers pick what movies he should review. Nolahn tells us about all the great things that went down during his B-Movie Bonanaza.

We all also come clean and talk about our favorite Joel episodes, read what the listeners said were their favorites, and respond to our first email! YAY!!

Then after a brief tense flashback, we discuss the history of MST3k, about the creations and it's beginnings in Minnisota, explaining why part 2 is occuring in November.

The movies, and episodes, discussed were "Gamera vs Guiron" (Episode 312) and "Warrior of the Lost World" (Episode 501).

Some stuff to click on: (One of the many Mass Invasions Maria did with Jason and a few others) (To see how I REALLY feel about Murder Set Pieces) (Video footage of the Bonanza) (A snippit of the KTMA-era) (Official Facebook Page of The Lair) (Email address)

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