Saturday, November 27, 2010

More of Me!

So the past week I been on a podcast rampage! Not only did I do a new Lair episode last Friday, but I was also asked to be a guest on TWO other podcasts! How awesome is that?

First up, Kai Parker from "The List", who also sometimes do LAMBcasts with me, asked me to be the sole guest on The MILFcast. There, we talked about b-movies, our favorite b-movies, I suffered through "Kai Is Always Right", and then played his game The Game. You can listen to it here. I can't get the embed code to work, so sorry.

Next up, Nick Jobe from "Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob" asked me to be on the third episode of his new podcast and I said hells yes! Instead of talking b-movies, we talked about our Top Five favorite Time Travel movies, recreated a scene from Clerks 2 with Jeff Goldblum and Tommy Wiseau (You gotta listen to the show to get what that means), and finally I suffered through The Demented Tower.

I won't say which show it was but I did great in one show and horribly in the other in terms of the games. Of course, you should listen to both episodes to see if I'm tricking you and either I did great in both or did horrible. Either way, there ya go.

And since the LAMBcast is gonna be all about movies I'm probably not gonna see, I won't be on there for awhile. So I should be able to give my voice a break for the next week or so.


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