Monday, November 29, 2010

Reader's Choice Poll #5: December 31st Review

Man, I can't believe NO ONE picked "Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2". Do you NOT know how awesome that movie is?? HUH??? Oh well. "Christmas Evil" it is.

This is the last one, folks, so make it a good (or bad...whatever) one.

1. The Creeping Terror-
IMDB Says: "A creature that looks like a cross between a Chinese dragon puppet and the Pope sucks up people into its maw. A sheriff, his wife, and a "handsome" scientist battle it to the end, with a sub plot about the evils of bachelorhood."

2. Plan 9 From Outer Space-A classic b-movie. Do you think I should get it over with already?
IMDB Says: "Evil aliens attack Earth and set their terrible "Plan 9" in action. As the aliens resurrect the dead of the Earth to destroy the living, our stupid minds are in danger."

3. Robot Monster-
IMDB Says: "The Robot Monster has been sent to Earth as the advance party of an impending invasion. Ordered by The Great One to capture several humans, the Robot Monster becomes confused once it learns more about humans."

4. Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator-I know, this one came out of nowhere. I saw it on Netflix and it sounds like my cup of tea.
IMDB Says: Nothing. There's no plot description. Uh-oh.

So there you have it. And to think, when this poll ends, the first Reader's Choice review will be up. I guess it's true when they say it always comes in the end...wait.


Nick said...

That last one just sounds too... intriguing to pass up. And it doesn't even say anything!

Dave Becker said...

I'll have to second that...the last one is definitely interesting!