Wednesday, November 10, 2010

POST 700!!

700 posts. Jesus. (I know, irnoic with the picture and everything. Sometimes I don't think these things through.)

I've made a bid deal about these types of posts before so I knew I needed to do something special for this one. Unfortunately, I don't really have anything planned. So instead I'm gonna talk a lot about some cool shit! How about that? WOO!!!

1. The director of "Timecrimes" saw the third episode of "Jason Made A Video" where I talked about his movie, then sorta recreated it, and he posted about it on his Twitter. This made me go WHOA! Yeah, I should be use of getting the attention of movie directors, but this guy is kind of a big deal! A lot of people REALLY like "Timecrimes" and I think he's gonna head up the American remake (of course there's an American remake). Hmm..I wonder if he'd cast me as Hector? Hell, I'll even take the Lab Guy part. That'd be awesome!

2. I've done some LAMBcasts that I haven't posted about. The main one I wanna feature here though is the Halloween episode. This is probably by far the most interesting episode ever. Here's some behind the scenes tidbits for you!
I was set to host all along, but I wasn't sure who all was gonna be on with me. Dylan's not a big horror movie guy and Nick said he had something to do. Kai said he'd love to do it, along with James. At the last minute, Dylan emailed me with a new suggestion for a topic (the original was Top Five Favorite Movies to Watch on Halloween) and I passed it along to everyone else.

Nick, seriously at the LAST MINUTE said he'd do it. Oh and earlier that day, I had like the worst day at work. And it was Dylan's birthday. So take all of that and mix it and you got the weirdest sounding episode ever!! This episode took about 3 hours to record and Dylan sent it to me to edit it down. I got it down to an hour and a half (give or take) and a lot of it was me sounding pissed off, it seeming like everyone was making fun of me, everyone annoying everyone else, and to top it all off, it was my turn to have my website audio blustered. Listening back to it, I can hear the hate and anguish in my voice. But in the end, Dylan Nick Kai and James are still my friends and I'm glad we got through that. So give that a listen!
(As of this writing, they're still my friends. Maybe it's what they WANT me to believe!)

3. I bought some interesting movies this past week. I bought "Frankenhooker", which was made by the same dude that made "Basket Case", so my expectations are high on this one. I also bought "Trick R' Treat" cause that movie was just great. And I also bought "Suicide Girls Must Die!" If that sounds familar, it's cause it's part of the Reader's Choice Poll. But I heard of this movie prior to putting it on the poll. Honestly, even if it's not picked, I'm gonna watch it soon anyway.

That's it, honestly. I don't have much else to say. 300 more posts and I'll be at 1000. Man. That probably won't be until 2018, where I'll be posting it in my flying car while getting a blowjob from a robot named Susie 9000. Can't wait.


Nick said...

Pfft... you know I can't stand you. Jerk.


Anonymous said...

Jason is such a prima donna behind the scenes on the LAMbcast, asking us to redo lines, and stopping halfway through his lines to yell at anyone typing in the background.

He makes Bill O'Reilly look like a Girl Scout.

Fletch said...

You told me you had a bad day, but I just got done listening to this ep today and I don't even think you sound all that pissed. So congrats on that! No hate here.

Kudos on 700. Just 'cause it gave me an opportunity to say "kudos."

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