Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving: Invasion of the B Movies Style

Hello, readers. Happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to take a minute out of my busy day (I gotta review Cheerleader Ninjas, y'know) to make this special post.

To every single person reading this right now, I give thanks.

To every single person who visits The Site, I give thanks.

To every single person who listens to The Lair of the Unwanted, I give thanks.

To my podcasting partner Nolahn for accepting an email from a stranger and accepting the task of being my co-host, which is a dangerous task, I give thanks.

To all the people who participated in the Mass Invasions (Bill, Adam, Maria, Sean, Rachael, Devon, Nolahn, that French/Canadian dude, Wings, and if I forgot anyone, I'm sorry my memory sucks) for watching some real shitty movies, I give thanks.

To Dylan and Rachel at The LAMB for letting a dumbass like me in and participate in stuff, I give thanks.

To the 10 million other Rachel/Rachael's that I know, I apologize for always mixing you up, and I give thanks.

To everybody who is a LAMB and reading/checking out my stuff, I give thanks.

To people from Uwe Boll to Peter Jackson to Kevin Kangas to Kevin Woods to Kevin Woods' friend who was recently in The Walking Dead as asshole Ed who (Spoiler alert) got his ass handed to him then (BIGGER SPOILER ALERT) got eaten by a zombie to Flint Martini to everybody at The Asylum to Ed Wood to Danny Elfman to Lloyd Kaufman and everyone at Troma to just any misguided soul who got a bug up their ass and made a shitty movie, for making the kind of movies that'll allow a site and blog like mine to operate and to give all of us some amusement, I give thanks.

Last but not least, to my fiancee Felicia, who doesn't read any of this stuff and thinks what I do is stupid, silly, and a waste of time, but she lets me do it anyway and for that, I give thanks.

Have a safe Thanksgiving, people. Don't drink, text, or give blowjobs and drive and eat a lot. We're all wearing layers anyway, no can tell if you're fat or not.

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