Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Netflix Corner #8

Merry Christmas! So this Netflix Recommendation is probably cheating, but it's a annual Holiday tradition here in this household, where we watch "Mystery Science Theater 3000: 521-Santa Claus". Probably my favorite Christmas TV show episode ever.

But onto The Netflix Game! Dan came back after guessing the hard option and MIGHT have a shot of taking Nick down. Maybe. Here's your updated scores:

Rachel, Dylan-3

Last week's answers:
Hard: Two men go searching for a new Santa Claus.-Ernest Saves Christmas
Medium: A lovable drunk guy helps out a kid.-Bad Santa
Easy: Two best friends go searching for a Christmas tree. Misadventure ensues.-A Very Harold and Kumar
3-D Christmas

Alright, I hope this week's isn't too hard for you. Good luck!

Hard: Big guy forgets who he is and thinks he's someone famous.
Medium: This guy just wants to have the best Christmas ever! Dammit!
Easy: He needs to learn his lesson in time for Christmas. (Only taking ONE answer for this one.)

Have fun!


Dan Heaton said...

I think these are all wrong. I'm finding them very hard.

Easy - Scrooged
Medium - Christmas Vacation
Hard - The Santa Clause?

Jason Soto said...

Dan, you're right about the easy and medium, which I must congratulate you on! I figured all three would be hard.
Still need the actual Hard option, though.

SJHoneywell said...

If hard is Santa with Muscles, you are my new hero.

Nick said...

Hard - uh... Santa with Muscles? You wouldn't go THERE would you?

Nick said...

Oh, eff you, Steven J Honeywell!

Jason Soto said...

Fuckin' hell! Somebody got it! Congratulations, Mr. Honeywell! Santa With Muscles! HA!

Sorry, Nick.

SJHoneywell said...

Fortunately for me, I spell my name with a "ph," so Nick has randomly damned someone else.

Hells yes, bitches!

Dan Heaton said...

Awesome! I felt pretty good about Scrooged, but Christmas Vacation was a total shot in the dark. Look out, Nick!

SJHoneywell said...

Re: MST3K Santa Claus:

"No, Lupita!"