Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 15: The Exorcist 3

I was hoping this time around I wouldn't be dissappointed. And thank god I wasn't. I really don't know what the popular stance is on this movie but I think it's really really fucking creepy and done very well.

Detective George C. Scott is investigating some murders going around. He believes it's the work of an old serial killer named The Gemini Killer. Since I'm the sign of the Gemini it made me slightly nervous. The three newest murders are pretty fucked up and freak Detective George out. First was a kid who was decapitated and his head replaced with a statue head of Jesus, all the while crucified on some rowing oars. Second one was a priest giving communion. The third was a friend of George's, another priest.

All these killings tie in to the exorcism giving in the first movie and George starts rumminging around the hospital his priest friend was killed. Turns out there's a patient down in the "Disturbed" ward that bares a striking resemblance to Father Karras from the first movie.

In fact, it is him! WHA???

Well check this shit out. So we all know Father Karras jumped out of Linda Blair's window that one night and died. While that was happening, the Gemini Killer, who was caught and sent to the electric chair, was killed at the same time. So the Killer's soul met up with Satan, who said "I'm pissed at this Karras dude, I'm gonna put your soul in his body so you can keep on killing." Killer is like "Ok cool" and that happened. But since Karras was dead for awhile, it took the Killer awhile to energize the cells in the body. And that awhile lasted 15 years.

So when George talks to Karras, he turns into Brad Dourif, aka the voice of Chucky and boy does it show. This is probably one of his best performances cause he freaked me the fuck out. And apparently Brad's "Master" (guess who) can possess other people around in the hospital to do his bidding, such as letting him out of his cell every night to kill people and making sure he gets back in ok.

Meanwhile, Father Karras is stuck inside all miserable and wanting to die, but The Killer won't let him. The Killer promises to kill George's daughter, so he sends over a spooky nurse to do it, but George (with an assist by his mother-in-law) stops her. Then some other priest that figures into the story somehow but I wasn't paying attention cause I was getting the shit scared out of me arrives at the hospital and starts to do an exorcism on Killer/Karras, which lasts all of 5 minutes. It's so short cause the movie producers asked for an exorcism scene and this was all William Peter Blatty (the writer and director of this film) would give them.

George shows up to kill Karras' body but Killer (or possibly Satan) stops him and shows him some fucked up images. But the Random Priest isn't out of the picture yet! Even though we saw his skin get peeled, he's somehow still alive to finish the last word in the exorcism, which tames the Killer for a bit. Karras returns, begging George to shoot him, which he does, finally killing the Killer. Or until another person just happens to die and that body gets possessed. But whatever.

Yeah, I liked this movie. I missed a bit cause the DVD skipped a bit, but it wasn't too much. There were too many freaky scenes to mention. And this was more of a sequel to the original Exorcist that that P.O.S Part 2 ever was. So if you want a good scary night, watch the original, and then this one back to back. You'll be shitting your pants all night but it'd be worth it.


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