Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 15 Results

Jeez, I take one week off and all you guys decide to stop playing or something? Or are you just upset about 30 Days of Horror?

This Week:
Me, Fletch: 6
Maria: 9

This Week Total:
Maria: 19
Me, Fletch: 16
Bobbie: 5

Bleh, I can't believe all the tweeners fell for that. At least Hannah Montana is getting knocked down a few pegs. Too bad about Crank 2 and Observe and Report. Both are awesome movies, mainly Crank 2, which I just got back from seeing. Somehow they made it more crazier than the first. Awesome awesome stuff.

Next week, nothing worth noting comes out. And they're all one word titles. Obsessed. Fighting. (The) Soloist. Earth. How about "sucks"?

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