Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day 2: Basket Case 2

You all know how much I loved "Basket Case" so much, that I gave it the first ever 5 star review? Well, I just HAD to check out the sequel. And I knew going in it was gonna be a weird movie but boy was I unprepared for HOW weird.

It picks up right at the end of "Basket Case" with Duane and his brother Basket Bro (Belial) falling from the hotel in New York City. Instead of dying, they're both just "badly hurt" while the media has a feeding frenzy. Watching this on the news is Granny Ruth and her granddaughter Susan. They feel sympathetic and want to help out the Weirdo Twins.

Duane and Belail are checked into a hospital when Duane wakes up and starts to bust out with his brother. Duane puts Belail in a garbage can, which considering how he was tossed out in the first film would make him nervous but whatever, and they manage to hobble out without anyone thinking twice. Granny and Susan show up in a pedo-van and take them to Mutant Academy!

Well ok, it's actually a sactuary for other "freaks" like Belail and boy are there ever interesting looking freaks in this place. There's a dude with 90 foot teeth, some dude made up entirely of noses, a lady with a long ass neck, a frog dude, and a living gargoyle. There's more but I don't remember them all. Among this group though is some mysterious looking woman they call Edith, whom Belail immedately falls for.

And Duane starts falling for Susan, since she's the only normal looking person under the age of 80. Soon enough, a sleazy tabloid journalist comes snooping around, wanting a scoop on the twins. Marcie (the journalist) calls up this old guy in this movie's first laughable moment.

This old guy, Barker has a sideshow freak exhibit and he claims to have the dead body of Belail. (They stuck with the names that resemble what the characters do, cause he's like a carnival "barker", ya see.) Marcie gives him a call and promises him 100 smackers (his words) to visit the body of Belail. He gets overly excited at the prospect of a 100 smackeroonies (also his words) that he gets things up and running. Granny pays him a visit and thinks the entire thing is wrong and horrible and to show her dislike, she sics the REAL Belail on Barker, killing him, leaving Marcie to find the body.

Duane desperately wants to leave and go be normal and wants to take Susan with him, but her place is there with Granny and the other "non-normals". Then Marcie shows up and spots Duane, which threatens the others in the house right to live a normal life. Since it's Duane's fault Marcie knows about the place, he promises to stick around and help fight against Marcie and other nosy people. Granny dresses up in a priests robe, for some reason, and gives a General Patton-esque speech before setting their plan in motion.

First Marcie and this photographer guy Arty come by at night in hopes to get pictures of Duane and Belail. He ends up with more than he bargined for when the entire household attacks him. One of them takes his camera and plays with the flash, so the entire killing scene has a strobe effect the entire time.

Marcie freaks out and calls her friend Phil, a private detective for help. He calls Duane and asks to meet him someplace. They go to a bar and Duane is there, but Duane is pissed that Phil is sticking his nose in his business and that he keeps saying things like deformed freaks.

Duane then stands up and asks the bar if maybe he and Phil are the freaks and in another laughable scene, it's revealed that all the bar patrons are the house residents in "disguses". I put that in quotes cause they all wore the same sized masks but some of these guys' faces are too large for the mask so it's like why bother? But I know it was done on purpose so well done movie, well done.

Phil then meets with Belail and he takes his sweet time killing him. Finally, the only person left is Marcie and they meet her at her apartment. They all somehow quietly snuck in and start teasing and attacking her and don't ask me how but they managed to twist her face skin so much she looks like a unicorn.

Now THAT's A Knife!

With everyone out of the way, the house celebrates by eating burgers and corn on the cob. Susan checks in on Duane and he wants to get it on with her. But she reveals she has a secret. Apparently she got it on with one of the Aliens from "Alien" and now has a six-year-old Alien fetus living in her stomach. This freaks Duane out so much that he lightly pushes her, she goes flying half way across the room and flies out of the window, killing her.

Granny tells the "gang" to find Duane, who is freaking out. Meanwhile, Belail and Edith are fucking and you haven't lived until you see two blobbly things fucking.

So Duane goes full on crazy and decides maybe he is a freak and it's time he reconnects with his brother, so to speak. He hits Belail over the head with a bat, grabs him, then with a large ass sewing needle, connects him back to his side. And this is how Granny and the Gang find them when the movie ends.

Yep, that's the end. There's a third one, called The Progeny which I guess means Belail has a kid as a result of the above sex scene? Yes, I shall check that out soon.

So this one doesn't compare to the greatness of the first film, but it's still pretty damn good. Everything about it is so laughable that you can't help have a good time watching it. And the budget was probably a bit more, since Belail got to move around this time without the help of clay animation. This is totally one of those get some friends with some beers and pizza movies. And even though we're clearly watching this cause we seen the first film, they keep showing us footage that explains Belail and Duane. So you can kinda go in blindly and still enjoy it.


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