Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Fight For #1: Week 14

I'm posting this early cause of 30 Days of Horror and I probably won't have time tomorrow.

Coming out this week:
Adventureland & Fast and Furious. I'm gonna hope that maybe not a lot of kids saw Monsters vs Aliens and it enjoys another week in the top spot cause I really really hope America isn't stupid enough to go see FF. At least make Adventureland number two.

As I stated, new month, we all start at zero so it's anybody's game as long as you participate.

Here's a reminder on last weeks top ten:

Good luck!


Fletch said...

I'm with you - M vs. A.

Maria said...

Yeah I think it'll be Monster vs. Aliens again too.

bobbie said...

Adventureland is getting pretty good reviews and press so I think it will take the weekend.