Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Blaxploitation History Month: Shaft

I kick off "Blaxplotiation History Month" with a bang by reviewing what possibly started the genre to begin with. I'm talk about the cool private dick that's a bad mothafucker...aw no one stopped me. Oh well. I am indeed talking about:

(Dig it, my fellows)

When I was planing the Podcast for February, I had this and "Foxy Brown" slated for the films we'd review but Nolahn told me those wouldn't fit in with the theme of our podcast and he's totally right. I'm glad I have him around to keep me straight. Because "Shaft" is actually a good movie.

The story is pretty simple. John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) is a private investigator who's hired by a dude named Bumpy Jonas (Don't laugh at his name, the dude will kick your ass) to find his daughter, who was kidnapped by the White Mafia. So Shaft goes around, investigating his way, and while doing so, lays some girls in his spare time.

I do have some questions for this movie.
1. After the scene where Shaft meets up with a dude named Ben because he's the leader of a black militant underground army, Shaft takes Ben to this chick's house. Who is this chick? And is it the same chick that Ben takes a wounded Shaft to? And why does this chick mind people randomly showing up at her house?
2. Does keeping your gun in your freezer do anything? Does it make people extra deader?

3. Did "Empire Strikes Back" rip this movie off, during the scene where Leia tells Han "I love you" and Han replies back "I know"?
4. Wouldn't it be funny if there was a prequel called Small Shaft, that has Shaft as a kid, kicking ass? At least I'd find it funny.

Considering blaxploitation films later on will get really wild and even downright strange at time, this is a good intro to show you how movies starring black people kicking ass can be just as great as any movie featuring Gene Hackman or Steve McQueen kicking ass.

In other words, I don't have too much to say about this movie besides see it if you haven't. Right on!


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