Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tommy Wiseau Can't Be Photographed

The story on seeing "The Room" live at Chicago's Music Box theater will be told on the next podcast, which will be recorded on Thursday (hopefully) so that'll have to wait till then. Meanwhile I can share some bad pictures. What am I talking about?

When you walk in with your ticket, the employees of the theater dressed up like characters of the movie. One guy was Tommy/Johnny and he'd just say things like "Hi babe" "Oh hi!" "I AM TEARING THESE TICKETS APART, LISA!". The chick next to him was the lady from the flower shop scene and she said to me "You're my favorite customer".

This guy was the robber/drug dealer guy on the roof with Denny. He'd just say things like "Where's my money?"

This was the pic I took with my cellphone of Tommy on stage answering some questions.

This one I used my fiance's camera and for some reason it wouldn't let me take a good still pic of him. I'm really convinced he's from some other world and you can't take a good picture of him.

Speaking of NOT taking a good picture of him. My fiance had to leave the theater cause it was unbearably hot and it made her sick and I stupidly forgot to ask for her camera. So when it came time to get in line to meet Tommy, take pictures, and get an autograph, I just had my cell phone. I PROMISE THIS NEXT PICTURE IS OF ME STANDING NEXT TO TOMMY WISEAU.

It was fucking dark in that hallway. I'm pissed this pic didn't come out. This one with my friend Bill came out somewhat better.

Just barely though. I'm mad at my cellphone. Anyway. This is what Tommy wrote on my DVD:

Yes, that says "Jabe". I don't know. Anyway, these next pics Felicia took as she was leaving to get some air. So at least it proves we were there and he was there.

So that's the photographic evidence, as much as it sucks. Stay tuned for the podcast later this week to hear the full story on how fucking weird he is in person.
Bye babe.


Fletch said...

It's like you tried to take as bad a set of pictures as Tommy made a film. A fitting tribute!


Can't wait to hear all about it. Tom just got done telling the tale of his theatrical viewing of The Room as well. He didn't get to meet Tommy, of course, but a showing Down Under is pretty sweet nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie too many times to count and quote the damn movie every damn day. I’ve met Tommy once…Weird guy. I may swing by Hollywood and Highland this Wednesday / Thursday to meet him again and have him sign my bobble head doll…I know I will make some money off ebay if he signs it. He’s supposed to be there I guess to help promote his dolls. Shit, I’ll buy 5 more if they’re going to be $15. Money well spent in my opinion.