Friday, February 05, 2010

The Ultimate Bad Movie Cage Match #9 Winner

A first! There is a tie! So now what you might be asking, especially Wings and Rachel? Well, after much thinking I decided to go to the Mecca of movies, the IMDB, and for the tie breaker see which movie has the worst rating. The one with the worst will be the winner.

And I'm kinda surprised because "I Know Who Killed Me" got 3.6 out of 10 while "Bloody Murder" gets a 2.7. So Wings is our winner! Sorry Rachel! Blame IMDB!

Speaking of IMDB, I got an idea for when no one wants to participate in the cage match. But we'll see if it comes to that on Monday. For now, I am looking for entries so please send something in. Even if you participated before. Thanks!


Wings said...

Woohoo! I won. Er, by default. And I actually had to watch the flick that won. So, I guess I didn't win, in that respect. But I will take the win of worst of not-as-worse. If that makes sense.

Scratch all that:


Rachel said...

Yeah, when I saw it was a tie last night, I meant to get on my husband's computer and vote to break the tie (already voted on my computer), but ended up getting distracted by old episodes of "Dexter."

But congrats, Wings!