Friday, July 18, 2008

Five For Friday: July 18th, 2008

I'm gonna try to make these 5 things NOT about The Dark Knight, which I'm DYING to see!! UGH!!! Ok anyway.

1. I Learned What A "The Watchmen" Is-
Apparently there's some comic book sorry GRAPHIC NOVEL called Watchmen or something and it has it's fair share of fanboys, most of who seem to be divided when it comes to this movie. Some are like "HELL YEAH" and others are like "FUCK NO!". I have never heard of any of this so I'm just whatever about it. Here's the trailer:

2. Finally Explains "Donnie Darko"-
So at Entertainment Weekly's website, they had a feature about 22 of the "best" twist endings in movies. You probably wanna check out the site but is afraid of having something spoiled for you, but have no fear. They have a special button you gotta press to reveal the twist. If it's a movie you haven't seen yet and you don't want it spoiled, you can just click next to see the next movie. I didn't know that one magician movie with Huge Jackman (I get that and The Illusionist mixed up so I'm not sure which is which.) had a twist ending. Now I guess I gotta see it.
Anyway, I get to Donnie Darko and I didn't think that had that big of a twist ending but I read it anyway and it said that Donnie DID in fact go back in time to save his family and friends and even the world or something. Funny, cause anytime I did any research on that movie, I couldn't find anyone that supported that theory. Some peopel said HE didn't travel in time, some said the entire world BUT him did or something, I don't know what. I literally spent hours on the internet read up on that movie when it was over. To quote Adam "It's like Eraserhead for teenagers".

3. Hellboy 2: HELL YEAH!-I saw Hellboy 2 Sunday night. It freakin' rocked! And I really had now idea that Seth MacFarlane was the voice of Johann whatever, the steam/mist guy in the divers outfit. Good work Seth. Good work. I wonder if he does the voice of the VW bug in those commercials? Hmm...

4. Reminder: I MIGHT Be In Step Up 2 The Streets-Step Up 2 The Streets is out on DVD. I mentioned it a few times here that I MIGHT be in that movie, possibly at the ending credits. I still have to see it for myself to know for sure. If anyone here WANTS to see it and they see the following video in the ending credits, please let me know.

(Keep in mind I did that as a joke, I didn't expect to be taken seriously.)

5. Cutting Costs-Due to me moving next month, I have to cut some costs around here. Unfortunately, that means my movie expenses are gonna get severed. So no more Netflix or movie rentals (at least ones I gotta pay for, I still get free ones now and then) for awhile. So, I'm sorry to say, I won't be joining in on the LAMB Movie of the Month this, and possibly next, month (Unless next months is a movie I own already). And I won't be doing the Final Girl Film Club, which sucks cause I only did one. Oh well. Hopefully this all will resume in September or October the latest.

That's it. Hopefully I'll get to see Dark Knight this weekend, but we'll see since I'm cutting corners now. Maybe that'll be the last movie I'll see in theaters for awhile.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my friend Bill! He's gonna be 28 on the 20th! WOO!

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Rachel said...

1. I didn't anything about The Watchmen either. Not overly impressed with the trailer. I'm undecided, but luckily it's not released till next year, so I got time to make up my mind.

2. Not a DD fan, but glad someone attempts to explain it. The Prestige (or Batman vs. Wovlerine, as I like to call it) is awesome. And much better than The Illusionist. Actually, they're nothing alike. Another awesome Christopher Nolan flick.

3. I like del Toro, but haven't seen either Hellboy. Someday.

4. I probably won't be checking out Step Up 2. But funny video.

5. I understand the cutting costs thing. I have to pick and choose my theater releases carefully, hopefully picking the ones that don't suck.