Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Personal Best Of #1

This coming August marks the 3 year anniversary of the site. Three years is a long time to be watching shitty movies on purpose. But nonetheless here I am, still going strong (Ten million strong! And growing...). So I thought I should do something to sorta mark this occasion, or get the ball rolling on marking the occasion. The best that I could come up with is literally that: come up with a "best of" list of some of my favorite reviews.

I know it's probably somewhat egotisitical to read my own stuff and go "Oh Jason, you are one funny motherfucking" and laugh and laugh while smoking my pipe in my robe. But whenever I ask anyone which of my reviews they like the most I get one of the following answers:
1. I don't remember them all.
2. I only read maybe 5 reviews.
3. They're all SO great, it's hard to choose.

So nevermind that. I'm gonna pick them! Nyah!

First up, is from my "Shorts" department and for those of you new to reading my blog/site, this is an honest to goodness short film. I can't recall now how I came across this gem. I believe I was on the IMDb message boards (Not a fun place btw) and someone mentioned that this was probably the most offensive thing ever. After some checking, I found it and found the site you can download it FOR FREE! If you agree to join their site.

Thankfully, downloading this movie is step one out of three steps. If it was step three, I would've found myself in a strange little group, if this movie is any indication.

I proudly present, my first personal Best Of Review:

Gay Niggers From Outer Space

(No offense should be taken, that's the name of the movie.)

Try to enjoy!

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Fletch said...

Flintstones and B movies...powering the kids of today full speed into tomorrow.

Weep for the future.