Friday, July 25, 2008

Five For Friday: July 25th

Man, wasn't Dark Knight friggin awesome? I read only one bad review but that guy seemed to be an asshole about the whole thing so I'm not even gonna link to the review I read. Instead let's do The Five!

1. Two Thumbs Down!-
The iconic show At The Movies with (Insert Different Names Here), at least as we know it, is going bye-bye. The current co-host Richard Roeper said that he and famed movie critic Roger Ebert are being replaced by younger movie critics, most likely the idiots that see "Meet Dave" and say things like "The most fun you'll have at the movies!" "Wonderfully funny and uplifting!" "A+!". Ebert hasn't been on the show since he got cancer and been getting treatments for it, which means he isn't able to talk, but he's still been going to the movies and writing reviews. Supposedly, the new At The Movies With Two Assholes is gonna be more or less a movie version of "Entertainment Tonight", so lots of fast editing and flashy graphics and stupid headlines like "Kate At The Gate" if she were to star in the Ninth Gate sequel or something. Ugh, just shoot me now.
Supposedly, Roeper is gonna create his own show where it'll be kinda like what he and Ebert did. So there's SOME hope.

2. My MST3K Will Go On-
In case you're not in the know, most of the original MST3K crew has gotten together and made a new thing called Cinematic Titanic, which is pretty much like MST3K but...on a ship? I guess. I only got their first episode "The Oozing Skull", which was hit or miss with me. I liked the riffing but then they did their version of the host segments, which felt awkward cause they still did them in "Shadowrama". And one host segment I could do without. Anyway, they have their second episode out "The Doomsday Machine" which I haven't seen yet.
But coming out August 7th is their third episode "The Wasp Woman", which is a movie I (believe) I own, so I'll probably check it out (Maybe review it? Hmm...) before getting this episode. Here's the trailer for it:

3. I REALLY Want To Believe-
I was a HUGE X-Files fan back in the day (The Scully and Mulder days, not the weird shit without either, or from what I hear NEITHER, of them). My favorite episodes were more about the weird shit instead of the government conspiricy crap (Although Smoking Man is possibly the best villain ever in anything). Oh and the goofy episodes, which beleive it or not, had it's share.
Anyway, the point of this number is I can't seem to get excited by the new movie. Like, I'll probably check it out at some point, but I think I can wait until it's out on DVD. Maybe cause I wasn't THAT impressed with the previous movie, which I didn't seem to understand (Something about bees and going to Antartica). I'll probably have to give that first movie a chance.
Now why couldn't have the Lone Gunmen get their own movie? I loved those guys? (Anybody seen that show?)

4. Yes, You're Fighting A Mummy AGAIN!-
I'm really not excited by the third Mummy movie. I liked the first two just fine, but did there really need to be a third movie? Plus anytime I see any trailers or TV spots for it, it's full of this:
"Here we go AGAIN!"
"Good job Dad, you raised ANOTHER mummy!"
"I fought TWO mummy's before this THIRD one. You know...those two other times?"
"Remember the two previous times when we fought mummies? And we're here doing it again a third time? WOW!"

Ok I get it! This is the third time you're meeting a mummy, stop fuckin' referencing it! You didn't see John McClane go on and on about having do that shit 2, 3, or 4 times EVERY OTHER MINUTE! He made ONE reference and left it at that. Just shut up, Brendan Fraiser!
PS: I don't hate Brendand Fraiser, I quite like the guy. He was fuckin Encino Man, man! There are a lot of other people, and I do mean A LOT, that like to hate on him but I don't understand where it stems from.

5. And Then This Happened-
A friend of mine told me about this really cool podcast/internet radio show (someone explain to me what the difference is?) that talks about underground horror and cult movies, along with interesting foreign films, like something I learned about from that show called "gaillos", which are Italian thriller films that normally feature the three B's: Blood, Boobs, and Black gloves.
The name of the show is Cinema Diabolica and you should give at least one episode a listen. Any will do really. Their first episode had them listing their 10 favorite horror movies and I got some new titles to check out from their list (They also included a lot that I already knew about, I'm not TOTALLY out of the loop).

Honorary Number Mention:
I wanted to mention this quickly. Over at the LAMB, we're doing this thing where we do our own damn AFI (Not the band with mascara) lists. The one that just ended was about action movies and you can see the winner's here. As for my picks, here they are:
Shoot 'Em Up
Die Hard
Lethal Weapon
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Batman Begins
The Goonies
The Bourne Identity
Hot Fuzz
Rambo: First Blood Part 2

Seriously, how did Shoot 'Em Up NOT get at least in the top ten? That movie's just stupid crazy with action. Oh well. The next category is horror and I was all over that bad boy. When that's announced, I'll let you know.

Well, that's it. I got some stuff coming up in regards to my three year anniversary so please stay tuned to check that out!

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Fletch said...

They should have just stopped making The Mummy movies after the first one, but money was calling, I suppose. I really hope (and kinda think) this one falls flat on its face. It looks RE TARD ED.

I think the answer to your Shoot 'Em Up question is an easy one: not enough people have seen it. It only made 12 mil, and was only out last year, so if there is to be a video cult, it might still be too soon. Now, outside of that, I know a lot of people didn't like it, so that's not helping. I haven't seen it, so I can't comment either way.