Friday, December 11, 2009

The Bad Movie Ultimate Cage Match #1 Winner!

Yeah, I'm callin' it a bit early. It's a landslide pretty much.

Round 1 WINNER is Fletch and "The Happening"!! Yay or something!!!

So here's how the next few rounds are gonna go. Fletch and "The Happening" (Sounds like a band name, it's yours, Fletch, if you are so musically inclined) are gonna go again on Monday against a new opponent. Then next Friday we see if Fletch remains champion or if there will be a new winner.

I haven't decided yet how long to let this go or what should happen at the end. I'll figure that out when we come to it. Anyway, I do have the next TWO match ups planned but I STILL NEED PEOPLE TO VOLUNTEER TO PARTICIPATE! Anyone can do it. Just send me an email with your movie and why YOU think it's bad. And also people to vote. There was a good turn out but more would be appreciated.

As for Rachel, sorry you and your movie lost. I guess no one hates David Lynch's first film as much as you. I'm sorta assuming the one vote was yours but I could be wrong. For the record you CAN partake again after next week, but it'll have to be a different movie.

Anyway, congratulations Fletch and next Match Up will start on Monday. Thanks to everyone who voted and our first participants.


Rachel said...

Congrats, Fletch! I figured I wouldn't be too popular picking on Lynch. I just don't understand the adoration folks have for his films.

And yeah, Jason, that one lone vote was all me.

Tom Clift said...

I didn't vote in this poll because I haven't seen either film, but for the record Rachel, I haven't seen a single Lynch film that hasn't irritated the crap out of me

Fletch said...

Same here, folks. They're just not cosmically bad.


Rachel said...

Glad to find a kindred spirit when it comes to Lynch, Tom:)