Friday, December 18, 2009

The Bad Movie Ultimate Cage Match #2 Winner!

Holy fuckballs was this ever a nailbiter! All throughout the week I kept seeing the two movies were tied, then Bill was in the lead, then tied again. But as you see Bill Szany and his "Atomic Rulers of the World" is no match against Fletch and Shamaiman's "The Happening" featuring Marky Mark and killer trees.


Congratulations Fletch! You and "The Happening" get to go again next week. And what a turnout this one had. Thank you all so much for voting. I still only have one person, who's gonna go against Fletch next week, that volunteered to partake in the Cage Match. So if I haven't heard from anyone by next Friday, I will force someone to do it.

So new Cage Match on Monday. Stay tuned to see who the challenger is. Word!

Speaking of word, a quick one. I haven't posted much this week cause I'm coming up on my 500th post! I know, right? So I kinda wanna time it with new years eve. If that'll happen, that remains to be seen but it's something to shoot for. But I do have two more posts to go before the big five oh-oh. And I do have something epic planned for the big event So yay and stuff.

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Wings1295 said...

Cool stuff, Jason!

I have been feeling like & dealing with crap lately, so I haven't been in much of light-hearted mood. Will (hopefully) take part with some flick at some time.

And congrats on the almost-milestone!