Saturday, October 02, 2010

Zombie Link Love #1

As part of Zombie Month, I asked people who ran websites to post their zombie reviews on their site and just send me the link. A few have sent some in so I'll share them here for you.

Allison (All Is On? Turn my All Is Off!-Strong Bad) from My Film Habit wrote about "Fido", which I took on earlier this year myself. Her review is much more better than mine so here it is.

Our friend Ghidorah over at "Acheter et entretenir sa tronconneuse" (You'll have to ask him, I vaguely remember what that means. I know the last word is Chainsaw.) likes doing the obscure and I love reading about the obscure so here's review on "Evilution"

My podcasting partner Nolahn seems to love him some zombie movies. Not only did he challenge me with TWO zombie movies, but he sent me a big ol' email with a bunch of reviews of zombie films, so you'll get two from him here. Here's "Astro-Zombies" and "Black Sheep"

And finally, this video from the gals. If you don't know anything about them, you're missing out. They're an interesting bunch. Anyway, here's their "review" of "Resident Evil: Afterlife":

And that's it. If YOU have a website/blog and want to join in, it's so fucking easy. Just watch a zombie movie, and do up a review about it, then post it and send me the link. You can email the link to "invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com".

And if you DON'T have a website, you can still join in on the fun. Just watch the movie, write it up, then send me the write up and I'll post it here! Fun and shit! Same email address! Yay!

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in!

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