Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zombie Month Wrap-Up/Final Link Love

PHEW!!! What a month! I FEEL like a zombie after all that. What did I do this month, you may ask? Well...

-We kicked things off with a Site review of "Retardead", possibly the most politically correct movie ever.
-I then took on George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead", which Sean said "more like Diarrhea of the Dead!" BOOM! He nailed it.
-Speaking of nailing it, "Survival of the Dead" was next and oooh boy.
-I reached to include "Trick R'Treat" into zombie month. Still a kickass movie! (I don't know when the actual Meatloaf will be posted. Jorge, who runs the thing, is in wacky L.A time, so he thinks he still has 6 hours to post it. Pfft. It'll be 3AM in REAL time and it'll be too late. Oh well...)
-"Poultrygeist" was the next Site review and I tried my hardest NOT to give it too hard of a time.
-My friend Maria stepped up and wrote a review for "Dead Snow", which was awesome cause she got to use me to describe a character in the movie. Maria's awesome.
-"Oasis of the Zombies" happened. Yeah.
-I updated my Site review of the classic "Dawn of the Dead".
-After much pestering, I finally watched "Bio Zombie", which was totally worth the pestering.
-"Return of the Living Dead" was awesome!
-My update on "Day of the Dead" was not.
-I finally seen "[REC]". Holy hell, that was awesome!
-FUCK "Vampires vs Zombies"!
-Equally fuck "Redneck Zombies"!
-I liked the remake of "Day of the Dead" a bit more, but still a bit lackluster.
-Finally, the ass-tastic "Zombiez" rounded (Literally! HI-OH!!!) out the month.

Man, what a busy month for me. I should take a vacation. In fact...I think I will!

Oh before I go, some links for you!

Nick at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob did a review of a movie called "Hide and Creep". Check that out.

And our good friend over at "Acheteretentretenirsatronconneuse" was busy. He gave us:
Dead Men Walking
Zombie Women of Satan
La Noche de los Brujos
Porn of the Dead (this one extremely NSFW)
Hot Spring Zombie Vs. Stripper

Ok, vacation starts...NOW!

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