Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombie Month: Redneck Zombies

I'm slowly winding down on my Zombie-A-Thon and now we're really in the shit. And when I say shit, I mean SHIIIIIIT!!

"Redneck Zombies" is another movie produced through Troma. Lloyd Kaufman didn't do anything but slap his company name all over the place, and film a lame intro to the movie. I won't even mention the intro. To my fans at Troma, no offense.

Essentually, there's three groups of characters in this movie:
1. The Rednecks
2. The Campers
3. The Army

The Army sends one dude to dispose of a barrel of chemicals. Army Dude is driving around when the barrel flies off the truck. Army Dude goes to retrieve it when a fat redneck shows up. Army Dude is like "Later" and leaves the barrel. Fat Redneck is about to, I dunno, fuck it, when the Family Rednecks show up, stealing the barrel from him.

Meanwhile, some Campers show up and start camping.

An overacting Sergent is mad at Army Dude and sends him back to get the barrel. Army Dude takes Violent Dude and Gay Dude.

Redneck Family mess with the barrel and start making moonshine from the barrel. They distill the liquid and put them in jars. Father sends Gay Redneck Son (Yes, I'm aware of the hypocrisy) to deliever the moonshine to their customers.

Yadda yadda yadda, family drink the moonshine, turn into zombies. There's a 20 minute "tripping scene" where nothing but colors flash on the screen. I got it after a minute.

Campers wake up, some get eaten. Annoying Camper is annoying the fuck out of me. UGH!

Gay Redneck Son keeps delivering moonshine to people. This goes on for an hour.

The Redneck Zombie Family attack the campers. The leader of the Campers figures out that the only way to destroy the zombies: deodorant. Seriously. It's a funny idea, I'll admit.

Armed with deodorant, they fight the zombies. Army Dude, Violent Dude, and Gay Dude show up. All three are attacked by redneck zombies within a matter of minutes. Oh and the entire town are now zombies. Much like "Wiseguys vs Zombies". Fuck this movie for making me think of that movie.

There's only one chick left. Notice how I don't know anybody's name. Yeah, I wasn't trying to be funny or clever, I really don't know anybody's name in this movie, besides Paw.

Oh. I didn't talk about The Tobacco Man. I....don't...fucking...know...man. Just...ok.

If you MUST see this movie, don't get mad at me. If you must watch our Final Girl fight her way through zombies, then get fucked by the fat redneck zombie, then get impregnated by said fat redneck zombie, do so on your own merit. I can't tell you what to do. But don't hold me responsible for what you're gonna see.


PS: Andrew at Badmovies.org seemed to have a different opinion. Plus he somehow figured the names of the people in the movie. He must've watched this more than once. Or made up names. Whatever.

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