Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zombie Month: Bio Zombie

This was a movie that everybody on the planet was telling me to watch. After seeing it, I must agree, it is a pretty kickass movie.

There's not a whole lot to it after the main set up. The two main characters Woody and Crazy Bee work in some bootleg video store in a mall. Also in this mall are two hot girls named Jelly and Rolls that work in the beauty salon. We also get an Asshole Husband and his hot but brow-beaten wife.

Woody and Crazy are just roaming the mall, not working, robbing Rolls, doing slacker stuff. Their boss calls them and tells them to pick up his car. While that's happening, some shadowy people are in a warehouse picking up some shadowy stuff, including some chemical that turns people into zombies. The chemical is put into a soda bottle.

Woody and Crazy are driving back when they run into one of the shadowy people. Mistaking his words "soft drink" as a request, they pour the chemical into his mouth and throw him in the trunk and drive back to the mall. At the mall, the shadowy guy is turned into a zombie and escapes the trunk.

In the mall, it is closing up. Rolls suspects Woody is the one that robbed her so she plans on getting him drunk so he can confess. This backfires as she gets drunk too and they go into the bathroom to fuck. Meanwhile, Lloyd, a sushi chef with a crush on Rolls, is bitten by the shadowy guy.

When Lloyd turns into a zombie, he doesn't eat Rolls, instead he tries to be all romantic with her, even saving her from the zombies. Meanwhile, shadowy guy breaks into Asshole Husband's cell phone store and the cops are called. The cops think Woody and Crazy broke into the store so they have them cuffed. Then more zombies show up, chomping everybody.

Then it just becomes your standard "must survive the zombies" story, but it's done really well. There is a great scene where all the characters get weapons and then suddenly turns into a video game, where we see character stat's. It's fucking awesome. There's some humorous moments and some touching moments. And Asshole Husband sorta kinda gets what he deserves. The ending's kinda fucked up but it makes things interesting.

Yeah, I didn't get into too much detail cause this is one you should check out. Not only should you check the movie out, for another opinion (that's pretty much the same as mine) check out Nolahn's review over at the Bargin Bin Review.



Nolahn said...

Told you so.

No thoughts on the "Engrish Subtitles"?

Nick said...

Heck yeah! Great movie. And yeah, I figured you'd talk about the Engrish subtitles!

Jason Soto said...

Well, I watched this before I went to work, so I watched it with the regular English dubbing. After it was over, I turned on the Engrish and watched a few minutes of it. I got the jist of it and went on with the review. It seemed enjoyable but I dunno if trying to watch the movie for the first time like that would be a good idea.

Nick said...

Oh, and what did you think about the bizarro English dubbing?