Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 12

"Day 12 - Your favorite horror film involving the occult"

This is really gonna be a "I'ma Gonna Defend" but I do love "Jennifer's Body".

Yes, Megan Fox does have something to do with that.

The story: Jennifer and Needy are friends in high school. One night, they go see some emo band play in a club, which is caught on fire. The band wants to party with Jennifer, so they take her to a creepy rape van. When Needy sees Jennifer again, she's got a mouth full of blood and she instantly vomits black stuff.

Jennifer suddenly changes into a hottie and instantly wants to fuck every guy she sees...then she kills everything she fucks. When Jennifer hasn't killed/fucked in awhile, she turns sorta back to normal and explains what happened that night.

The emo band tried to sacrifice her to Satan but something went wrong and instead of whatever the band was trying to do (be famous I think?) Jennifer just became possessed. I guess this could also fall under "possession" but I saw in on a bunch of "occult" lists so it works.

So yeah, for whatever reason nobody likes this movie and I can't figure out why. I mean you got Megan Fox, Amanda Whatshername, and Megan Fox! What more do you people need?


French Toast Sunday said...

I also really enjoyed this movie! I'm not sure why it got such a bad rap, but I thought it was really clever and the gore was done very well. I also got a kick out of Adam Brody's evil emo rockstar role!

Jason Soto said...

I know! I fuckin' loved this movie when I saw it in theaters. Totally underrated.