Saturday, April 09, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 9

"Day 09 - Your favorite exploitation / grind house type film"

Wow, this was a tough one, especially trying to keep it in horror. With that said, let's go with "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" the original!

I remember when I was a kid, my mom was with this guy and he rented this movie. Due to the title, my Mom forbid me from being in the living room while they watched it. But we lived in a tiny ass apartment where only a flimsy piece of drywall seperated the living room and the bedroom...and there was no bedroom door. So I didn't get to SEE the movie but I heard it.

Even then, I knew how fucking annoying Franklin was. Later on, my friend saw his parents had it on VHS (OLD SCHOOL, mothafucker!) and we watched it mom was a bit overprotective of me. Considering I watched worse movies with her. But whatever. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The remake is ok, but stick with the classic, my friends.

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