Saturday, April 02, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 2

"Day 02 - The horror film that you relate most to."

This is an obscure one, but "There's Nothing Out There".

So yeah, it's about a guy name Mike who goes on a trip with some friends to a house in the woods. Mike has seen every horror movie, good and bad, and knows every trick. Whenever I'm with my friends, five minutes doesn't go by when I don't mention a horror/bad movie, or if the situation arises, say that we're in one.

An example: A long time ago, me and some friends went to some woods. In the daytime, it looks ok. But at night, it's fucking creepy as hell because there are literally NO LIGHTS anywhere and it gets SUPER dark. So we're just roaming around. Meanwhile, I keep saying shit like "I hope some hockey mask wearing guy doesn't kill us" or "I wonder if the ghosts will be nice to us" and shit like that. Needless to say, everyone was annoyed with me and we ended up going back cause I freaked out some of my friends. this is being posted, I'm back home. I should make us go back there one final time...

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