Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 23

"Day 23 - Your favorite made for TV horror film"

Ooh! I can talk about "Bad Ronald"!

"Bad Ronald" is a 70's made-for-TV movie about this kid named Ronald (imagine that) and he's not very popular. He goes to a kid's birthday party where he gets made fun of. On the way home, he gets frustrated and when some little girl mocks him about something, he accidently kills her.

Ronald runs home and tells his mother, who's super overprotective of him and doesn't want her baby to go to jail. So she hides Ronald in these two rooms and covers the rooms up with plaster and wallpaper so when the cops come around, they think it's part of the house and believe her story about him running away.

Yeah, not really scary yet. Hang on.

Ronald stays hiding until things cool down (When? In 20 years?) but Mom has a heart attack and dies, so the house goes on sale and soon a unsuspecting family buys the house. Ronald, being stuck behind the walls for god knows how long, starts going loopy and soon he's obsessed with one of the daughters in the family and begins stalking her, then kidnapping her, then kills the neighbor and...

So it gets scary in the second half but fuck me it's a great movie. It's now available on DVD on Netflix so check it out!

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