Friday, April 08, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 8

"Day 08 - Your favorite anthology"

Gosh, what is an anthology? Ok, seriously. Weird this showed up a few weeks after doing an entire Lair episode on the subject. While doing the subject I learned two things:
1. Many people don't know what an anthology film is
2. Many people don't like anthology films.

I don't know why that is, I think anthology films, especially horror, (if done right) are fucking awesome. So there's so many I can choose, some I'm sure were used by other people. So sticking with the whole "Jason is a special snowflake and I must be different" I'm gonna go with..."Creepshow 2"!

Yes, the sequel.

To refresh your memory on what happened in "Creepshow 2", the first story involved some robbers robbing, then killing, some old friendly people that ran a small store in a small town. Outside the store is one of those big store front Indians that you normally see outside cigar shops (for some reason). Well, after the nice old people are killed, the Indian comes to life and kills the robbers.

The next story is about a group of friends going to a lake, and while swimming, come across this weird blobby floating thing that eats anyone that gets too close to it. Eventually, two people are stuck and they're not sure if they can make it to shore in time...

The last story (there was only 3 storys in this one, which is why it's not as popular I think) involves a chick running over a hitchhiker and now she's haunted by the guy. It's not a great story, but it has it's creepy moments.

Anyway, "Creepshow 2". Check it out!

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