Sunday, April 03, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 3

"Day 03 - Your favorite slasher."

People are probably going to expect me to say "Friday the 13th" but I figure that'd be a cop out answer. So instead I'm gonna go with "The Burning".

"The Burning" is one of many "Friday the 13th" rip offs that appeared. The movie is about a camp caretaker named Cropsey who gets horribly burnt due to a practical joke gone wrong. Five years later, he's released from the hospital and he goes back to the camp to seek REVENGE!! MU HAHAHAHAHA!!

This movie stars a young Jason "George From Seinfeld" Alexander, which is to say he's roughly 30 years old, playing a teenager. There's another recognizable face in the movie but you might not know the name: Fisher Stevens. He's probably most famous for being the "foreign" guy in "Short Circuit".

Anyway, "The Burning" is a bit slow but when it gets going, it's going. There's awesome nudity and there's probably the greatest kill scene ever where Cropsey kills a raft full of kids. It's awesome. It's on DVD now so I say check it out.


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Nick said...

I'll always remember Fischer Stevens from the Mario Bros. movie.

Jason Soto said...

He was also on "Early Edition" as Gary's best friend in the early season.

Nick said...

Oh yeah, there too.