Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Jason's Weekly Round Up #9

Some Cool Ass Shit:

-I was on this awesome podcast that posted on Friday. It's probably not only the best podcast I ever been on, but probably the best episode of any podcast ever. You really, really need to listen to this shit right here. For realz, yo.

-Matt over at "Chuck Norris Ate My Baby" is slowly becoming one of my favorite reviewers. The many ways he came up with alternate titles of "Eyes in the Dark" is just awesome.

-TheGreatWhiteDope's take on this movie called "Nights of Terror" is fantastic. Sorry the description is so short, I dunno what other words I could use. Awesome. Excellent. Very cool. Sure, those work.

-Go wish Rachel a happy 4th birthday! Well, she's not four, her blog is. Imagine a four year old running a movie blog. "YAY! I saw cartoon! YAY!!!"

Random Video:

And Finally:
A podcast heavy week for me. We're doing a Lair episode tomorrow, which should be out Thursday or Friday. Saturday, despite me not able to show up two weeks in a row, I am doing a LAMBcast, dammit! I get to talk about "Black Dynamite" with some cool peeps (Not sure who but I imagine they're cool peeps. If a non-cool peep made it on, I apologize ahead of time.) so that should be fun.

Dammit, how many times have I told you to never interrupt my kung fu!

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Nick said...

Whoo! Thanks for the amazing words. But it was, indeed, a brilliant episode.