Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Days of Horror: Day 13

"Day 13 - Your favorite horror comedy"

I'm sure many people picked "Shaun of the Dead". Me? I'm gonna go with "Student Bodies".

"Student Bodies" was a bit ahead of it's times by spoofing the horror slasher genre right when the horror slasher genre was getting started. The movie focuses on a killer named The Breather and he kills teenagers in odd ways. The opening scene of this movie is probably the best opening to anything, with the killer trying to kill a babysitter and her boyfriend but getting stuck on the stairs by gum.

It's up to a virgin girl to figure out who the killer is among a bunch of suspects including the creepy janitor, the wood shop teacher, and even some of the students. The jokes in the movie are hard to explain but I'll try one of them. The killer is on the phone with a teacher and the teacher asks if the killer is disguising his voice and he says "No, I'm talking through a rubber chicken!" Then after he gets done talking he says "click", so the teachers asks "Did you hang up?" and the killer goes "No, I just said click".

Stuff like that makes this movie pretty funny, at least to me.

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